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Our Vision

We believe that providing the best quality products and world class service to our customers is our solid basis for constant growth and success. We want to share the greatest selection of best tasting food and other specialty products from all over the world with local ethnic groups as well as mainstream markets.
We continuously strive to improve every aspect of our business, and maintain great relationships with our customers and partners!


RGI is a locally owned company located in Seattle, Washington. Started more than 15 years ago, we have grown to become a leading food distributor in the Northwest.


Our distribution facilities undergo rigorous evaluations by various organizations and adhere to FDA and industry approved guidelines to meet our standards and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our top quality food-grade warehouses are equipped to store: Dry storage, Chilled storage, Freezer storage


We understand that each customer is an asset to our business and our goal is not only to meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations.

Our Mission

How We Deliever Value

Uncompromising Experience!

RGI exists to help merchants sell more. We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers. We make sure you have all products that you need to run your business and generate long-term profits, by offering you best selection of brands, top notch quality goods at an unsurpassed value.

You are the Focus

Interested in creating your own branded product? If so, RGI can help you deliver bold strategies, better consumer experiences and insight-driven solutions through our private label+ products and services. Utilizing our experience & expertise you can turn opportunities into profits by connecting your customers with the right brand and product for them. We can help you create brands for every aisle.

Faster Deliveries

We mean business. Deliveries to more places and doing it faster while cutting back on carbon emissions. Knowing you’re covered by our fleet of transports - equipped with intelligent routing and advanced tracking - for local deliveries, and deeply negotiated rates with leading logistical partners for nationwide freight, means high service levels at a competitive cost.

We are Socially Responsbile

RGI was founded because we wanted bring people taste of back home. But soon after, we realized that our business was much more than that. We are socially responsible and support the communities we live in. We emphasize on ethical sourcing and supply chain, and ensure economic viability of families in developing nations. We practice sustainable and safe methods of food production, and strive to deliver environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

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