Reshmi's Group is a leading importer of Indian, Pakistani & Middle Eastern foods. We are a major regional distributor in the Pacific Northwest and our reach extends across the country through a network of regional distribution partners and warehouses on both coasts. 

Our selection of over 3000 quality, trusted products from 25+ popular brands, gives you more ways to stand out from the competition, and provide the shopping experience your customers want!

Give us a call at 206-575-0050 or email us: sales@reshmisgroup.com and let us know what we can do to help your food business flourish!

Products for Every Category: Dry Grocery, frozen, chill, health & beauty, snacks, sweets & more


In retail, assortment is #1. You need the right products to grow & stay ahead. With over 3000 products from 25+ brands, from established favorites to the latest trends, the possibilities are endless. An ever-expanding selection of new products from MOST popular Brands to local entrepreneurs. Everything for your store, restaurant, kitchen and website all under one roof.

Below is a list of extensive line of product categories:

  ~ Rice ~ Flour ~ Lentils ~ Spices ~ Pickles ~ Dry Snacks ~ Frozen Snacks ~ Frozen Meals ~ Sweets ~ Bakery ~ Candy ~ Beverages

  ~ Organic Products ~ Cookware ~ Beauty Products ~ Cooking Oil ~ Convenience Store Items

Here are some of our most popular brands: 

Our Brands

We are continuously adding more brands & products so if you don't see what you are looking for please contact us and we will help you look for what you need.